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Safety First

Websites are a utility for your business. Like any utility, they need regular maintenance. But not every company has the benefit of having web techs on staff. That's why we are here. We'll backup and monitor your site, & stay on guard to keep it safe. If you don't have the time or desire to figure out how all the parts fit together and you don't have a web geek on staff - get in touch. We can help.

I am saving time and money on maintenance.

- M. Rosemeyer, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Harlequins Rugby Football Association, PGH, PA

We have a responsive, professional partner in Fort Pitt Web Shop.

- C. Kunze, Owner of J.K. Metalworks, Glassport, PA

Fort Pitt's consultation nearly eliminated our dependency on outside coding support.

- S. Bon, President and Founder of Bon's Eye Marketing, Wilmington, North Carolina,

Keep Your Content Safe

Through no fault of your own, it happens to everyone

One day, when it is least convenient, your website will have a problem. It will go down, or slow down, or content will get deleted. Let us help prevent headaches in the future though low cost, non-intrusive, simple steps that we manage for you. Isn't it worth peace of mind knowing that Fort Pitt Web Shop has your back?

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